Ceramic Curling Iron Buying Guide

Overview of ceramic curling irons


For decades women have been trying to achieve the prefect look with various styling products. From hot rollers to wet set foam rollers, curling irons and flat irons, some of us have even resorted to using an actual iron to achieve our desired look. Sometimes it seems like there is just no great solution to the problem of ‘what to do with my hair?’ Before ceramic curling irons came around there was always a looming sense of damaging ones hair with older style products. Ceramic curling irons have a smoother surface than traditional ones, therefore distributing the heat more evenly to your hair. This means less damage and more perfectly shaped curls than ever before. Even though ceramic may be a little more pricey, your hair will thank you in the end! In this ceramic curling iron review, I will show you what the best options and prices are to help you find the best ceramic curling iron out there for your hair type.

The use of curling irons is obvious, to make us more beautiful. Many men will tell you they don’t actually care about what type curling iron you use, and why should they, but when you are finished getting ready and your hair looks fantastic there is not much that can spoil your day. It is natural, and almost a given, that we always want what we don’t have. I personally have very long, straight hair that simply refuses to curl…and what do I envy most? The beautiful curls my sister just has naturally. It is an inevitable truth that at one point or another you will want to dress up your look with curls, waves, crimps or whatever style you want to rock that is not your norm. Some Ceramic curling irons even come with attachments so you can choose what size curls you wish to have, more options is a definite plus.

The need to curl

Anyone who has ever tried using any style of curling iron knows that it can be rather difficult to get your entire head of hair evenly curled. Friends, sisters and even boyfriends or husbands can come in handy in such a situation, but what about what you are left alone with a determination to curl? One of the biggest positives of a ceramic curling iron is the easiest to hold up, over and above your head for long periods of time because ceramic is more light weight than traditional metal designs. I remember the old days of curling my hair, I had a simple metal curling iron that had two settings, off and on. Today those types of hair accessories are bought cheaply at stores looking to get rid of products no longer desired by the general population.

With Ceramic curling irons you often will have a dial to control the temperature, or a setting that goes from 1-20 on a heat scale, allowing you to use the perfect temperature for your hair type. If your hair is dry already you won’t want to use the maximum setting, ceramic makes curling even  dry hair possible without causing damage. With the old metal curling irons there was always a danger of forgetting to turn it off, maybe you are running late and when you get to your destination you think, “Did I unplug my curling iron?” No worries with the newer models, they almost all have built in safety mechanisms that protect both your curling iron and your home from heat damage.

My top choices for ceramic curling irons

One of the most well known names in ceramic styling products is Babyliss, this brand offers high quality products at semi-high prices. However, when you consider the fact that this is something you will be getting a lot of use out of the price doesn’t seem all that bad. Revlon, Remington, and Conair are a few other leading manufacturers of ceramic curling irons. Lets explore a few of these products now.

The BaByliss Pro Ceramic Tools CT75S 3/4” Dual Voltage Professional Ceramic Spring Curling Iron is one good product out there.


  • The ceramic barrel provides maximum heat transfer
  • Features 25 instant heat settings with on/off
  • Creates smooth silky and frizz free hair styles
  • Comes with dual voltage for use out of the country 

This product received 4 out of 5 stars from buyer reviews on Amazon. The biggest plus to this Ceramic curling iron is its dual voltage attachment for use in different countries. Nothing is worse than going on vacation and realizing you can’t use your devices! I would definitely consider this product if you do any traveling abroad.

You can find this ceramic curling iron on Amazon through the following link. CHI has one of the highest reputations when it comes to ceramic styling, so at $39.99 + free shipping through amazon.com this is a great deal.

The Remington CI5219 Instant Curls Ceramic Hair Curling Iron, 3/4”


This product offers all the basics you need to get started without carrying the high price tag. At just $14.99 through amazon.com  you can’t beat this deal!

This model has many of the same features as the more expensive models:

  • 350 degree high heat
  • Ceramic iron
  • 30 different heat settings
  • Heats up in 30 seconds
  • Auto shut off

This product received a 4.5 star rating, and thats not too shabby! Buyers have nothing but positive things to say about this ceramic curling iron. One buyer states that it is one of the best curling irons she has ever had, and another touts the quick heating time and easy handling of this product.

The Conair You Curl and Big Waves Curling Wand Combo Pack offers a variety of styles you can accomplish with this product. This makes the Conair more versatile and convenient, it’s like having two styling products in one!

  • You can create long-lasting spirals instantly
  • No clip, simply wrap
  • 2 different barrel sizes ranging from 1.25” to 0.75” for bouncing curls, and 1.75” to 1” for big waves
  • Fast heat up to ultra-high heat levels of 400 degrees
  • Also includes a protective 3-finger glove for exchanging the heads without burning your fingers.

This one comes in at $39.99 + free shipping at amazon.com. After 5 customer reviews this product has a 5 star rating. One customer states that her curls lasted for 2-3 days, which can be a definite plus considering how much time it takes to curl a full head of hair, depending on length.

These are my top 3 picks from amazon.com I hope this ceramic curling iron review proves to be helpful to you in your pursuit for curls. It can be hard to find the best ceramic curling iron, but with a little research you can find the one that best meets your needs.